Sunday, July 6, 2008

Two Year Old Taison

Happy Birthday "to You!" Taison loves to sing ever since an early birthday celebration a month ago. So when he turned two officially last Sunday, he was prepared and knew the song well.

Taison loved the attention and having some of his little buddies from the next door to run around with. It was raining outside at first so we hung out and drew a bunch of car tracks and train tracks on some butcher paper. The kids played on the table for a long time and then just had a good time wondering around the house playing toys.

A few hours before the party began, we threw together this cake and thankfully found the great idea online to save our lack of planning. We had a few race cars as a birthday present for him so we decided to make a race car birthday cake that I saw directions for online at I picked the easiest cake I could find that involved what random last minute things I had, two round cake pans, white frosting and green and black sprinkles. It was fun to make. Jon and I got really into it! :)

After the cake and presents we played with the bubble maker he got outside. It was crazy kid-heaven with bubbles everywhere and chasing as the main form of entertainment. He was cute and happy and the rest of us were happy to celebrate how old he is becoming! Here's an after it's over chilling picture with Daddy and Corynn.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jon and Shaunae are having......

Boy or girl? What's the verdict? We are happy to announce that come end of October we will be adding another boy to our Ellsworth clan! I was slightly hoping for a girl to help even the odds for Corynn, but we are happy that a new little boy will be coming to our family. Jon's dream of having a soccer team might work, :). Ashton of course was very excited and has been bragging to Corynn ever since last night that there will be lots of boys in the house and boys will win. I have been convincing Corynn that means there will be one princess in the house and that will be her.
Since Taison has been walking, running etc. he and Ashton enjoys frequent wrestling, chasing and general horse play types of games in the house. So I'm imagining it'll be just that much more fun and rambuncious. But we are happy and he's healthy! Now for names! Ah! I had only picked out Marissa. We were thinking of going traditional just to be different for our family. So any cool or traditional name ideas you have would be cool too, so if you have any suggestions.... This time around we are probably actually going to get out the baby name books and take a peek. We have a tradition of using maiden names for the boys' middle names. I just like giving the boys some history. Ashton is Ashton Fielding and Taison is Taison Bennett. But the next few maiden names are names like Dial, Moore, Pinrow, Teague and Eule. So we might keep going back until we find some better :) names or drop the tradition :).

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What exactly is going on here?!

I have found the perfect nonpoluting, nonresource devouring, renewable energy source. I'll make billions. It's called my freaking out. What energy it produces. What utter panic and freakish resistance to sanity it creates. It amazes me that I haven't had some form of nuclear melt down from all anxiety and fear I have experienced over the past months and continuing on into the unforseeable future. Yes, I have too much time on my hands. Yes, I need to get a job (you think I don't know this?!). Yes, I need to relax and just "be" with Greg. Yes, Yes, Yes... all these things I KNOW. But could someone please tell the part of me that I don't control to please chill?

I keep thinking that I just need to get my life back under control. Well, silly me, maybe that's the point. Maybe Heavenly Father is trying to teach me, yet again, that no matter how much control I think I have, I really have none, that HE has all the control and let's me think I do occasionally. Then he rips it all away in some master plan to teach me trust and dependance on Him. Ha! Not an easy thing He's asking of a world class, should get paid to do it, control freak.

Sigh... can someone order me a rescue from the craziness that is me trying to live my life?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Karl and Becca's Christmas letter

Barnum’s Christmas Quiz 2007
(choose the best answer)

(I tried to download the rest of the pictures, but it's been giving me grief all day, so I'll try to put them in another post.)

Karl –
a. Changed jobs, yet again, to work for Harmonic, Inc.
b. Was called to the Young Men’s Presidency.
c. Took his wife to Austin for a sales meeting.

Becca –
a. Has kids in 4 different schools on 4 different schedules.
b. Is back in the Primary presidency after having 3 different callings thoughout the year.
c. Loves being a mom.

Michael (15)–
a. Performed in Les Miserables as a sailor, bar patron, poor person, pickpocket, wedding guest, French soldier and on the chain gang.
b. Enjoyed Marching Band (trumpet).
c. Got his Driver’s Permit and is racking up his hours.

Joanna (13) –
a. Is becoming a very talented volleyball player
b. Is excited to go to Stake Dances very soon
c. Loves Young Womens and her many friends

Matthew (11) –
a. Continues to thrive in school, piano and sports.
b. Is on the Science Olympiad team.
c. Has his Tenderfoot and is excited to receive the Priesthood next month

Alyssa (10) –
a. Started playing the violin in addition to piano and choir.
b. Loves activity days (mom enjoyed being there with her).
c. Loves reading – especially Royal Diaries and American books.

Brett (8) –
a. Is our resident sports expert (his favorite reading material is the sports section)
b. Was baptized and joined Cub Scouts.
c. Loved playing baseball, flag football, piano and basketball

Jacob(5) –
a. Started Kindergarten and is doing great!!
b. Is a great friend!!
C. Is a “great” example for the twins.

Jesse (3) –
a. Loves nursery and playgroup.
b. Loves to play computer and to spell his name.
c. Is a very busy boy (that’s why he’s not potty-trained).

Braden (3) –
a. Potty-trained himself before he was three.
b. Loves nursery and playgroup.
c. Loves to build pyramids (with magnetix).

Fun Vacation Destinations:
a. Beaver Creek Lodge – for Barnum Family Reunion
b. Utah – for Thanksgiving
c. Kansas – (although the summer humidity isn’t always the best, we love the company)

We Wish You –
a. A Merry Christmas
b. A Happy New Year
c. Would come visit us.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Fullness!

How was your Thanksgivings? We picked up Jon's sister Kathy and her son A.J. who is Ashton's age at the airport on Tuesday then met everyone down in Williamsburg, outside of Jamestown, etc. on Wednesday. I was missing my own family and a little sulky but I quickly got over it. Jeff and Jean and their 7 kids were there. She homeschools and her 4 teenage boys are amazing and sweet. They all played with Ashton and Corynn and helped Taison walk. It was nonstop sports and games. I think on Thanksgiving Day we played soccer, then went for a walk, then went swimming (it was a time share with an indoor pool), then ate dinner, played soccer again and ended the day by playing a crazy fun game of Charades. The weather was crazy warm. 70 degrees all day Wednesday and Thursday.
On Friday we got to walk the streets of Williamsburg and experience that era and history. Saturday we drove back home with Kathy and A.J. and Jeff and Jean to watch teh BYU football game against Utah at a ward member's home. It was fun for Jon to have Jeff and his boys as football fans together. They spent the night and got to come to church with us. Now the house is quiet and the kids will have normal life and normal sleep again. They slept on the floor in our room at the time share. Ashton rolled all over and inevitably ended up kicking Corynn. Corynn screamed one time, "I don't like it! I don't like it!" We quickly jumped out of bed to move them to different sides of the room before Taison woke up.
My latest book series was Llyod Alexander's The Book of Three/ Black Cauldron series. It was a great series for Young Adult's with adventure and wisdom and good vs. evil. Fun stuff. I highly recommend it. I'm reading I am David now and it's pretty good too. If you ever have anything good ideas, let me know. Also any movie ideas! I love you guys!

Typing Grandma's Journal

I am helping Aunt Arlene with typing Grandma's old letters. I haven't done much but I found these excerpts and thought you might want to read her synopsis on our family in the year 1985.

Karl received his Eagle March 15, 1985 in Warden. His project was a bike rack for the Othello Library made of pipe welded together and painted silver. He also led the seniors in their graduation march as high point junior. Very fine! Steven completed his Eagle project which was a set of steps to be used in their gym for folks going up on their stage. He painted them the school color of royal blue and did a very fine job on them. He hasn’t had his Court of Honor yet. H has been wrestling this year in High School and has been very successful. He is still a back-rubber and thoughtful boy.
Kari became a teenager this 1985 year and has grown tall and strong and is a beautiful girl. She was taking acrobatics and could perform some very difficult things. She and the older brothers were real farmers this summer and helped Roger who was running the Vern Smith place in connection with his brother Max Barnum. Max and Connie had moved down to Warden. They had a lot of ground and raised very productive crops. Karen teaches Primary and Roger is in the Bishopric.
Shaunae, Michelle and Summer have been very helpful to their mother and play so well together. Karen has been so busy with her garden, taking care of her and our fruit trees, raising pigs, canning, freezing, bottling. She raised some beautiful cantaloupe and is busy in school programs. In September she had a miscarriage and lost a little boy. The cord was too short and strangled him. She helped weigh potatoes for our storages again this year. I appreciate her so much and all the thoughtful things she is always doing for us. They are out standing in having scripture study with their children. Karl goes to Moses Lake for seminary and half a day at the college and the other half in Warden. He will graduate in the spring.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Virgin Islands- They call it Paradise

"How are you enjoying Paradise?" Locals would ask when they took my order, saw me shopping, or helped me find a parking space. That's what it's called because it is always 70-80 degrees year round and the view of the wooded hills with the beach and amazing turquoise water. Jon audited the US Attorneys office on the island of St. Thomas in the city of Charlotte Amalie. The island was dinky, 33 sq miles and the airport was smaller than Tri cities. As the plane started its descent, the ocean kept getting closer and closer. Seconds before we reached the ocean, the plane's wheels met the runway. Jon was nervous, but I was busy reading my Shannon Hale book, Enna Burning.

We were able to get a rental car which was perfect because I would have been stuck at the hotel. The only tricky thing with driving was that you drive on the left there. There were signs everywhere that said, "Remember to Drive on the Left" or "Keep your shoulder to the shoulder". There were quite a few times that I'd go around a corner and come face to face with another car, finding myself, once again majorly confused. But driving and exploring was a total trip. The roads there are winding, crazy, narrow 10-30 mph. The signs by a curve that say, 10 MPH are not joking. You stomp on the brake and turn a 180 or more. Then stomp on the gas to keep moving up the hill. Since it's an island with only a few major roads, I just drove and when I found myself in someone's driveway or a fancy hotel I just turned around and drove back to the nearest paved road.

I sat on the beach the first few days and read my book. But in all honesty I only could sit in the sun for an hour or two because I got too hot and bored. While Jon was at work, I tried not to be bored and miss my noisy kids. It was quiet without them. I ate at restaurants by myself and shopped but when Jon got done with work, we'd run around and I'd be his tour guide. We played ping pong at the hotel, found a piano in a corner and I taught him a few duets, and walked on the beach.

The beaches were short little things, but the sand was microscopically smooth and the water looked light blue even splashing by you. We got to go under water in this cool "Treking" thing where they put a lose helmet on your shoulders that has an oxygen tube pumping air. Then you walk along the bottom of the ocean just 10 feet under and see fish up close and poke at coral. It was fun but Jon felt like throwing up from the air pressure and waves.

We found a grocery store so we were able to eat yogurts and granola bars and bananas for a few meals instead of $40 meals 3 times a day. That way we could eat at fancy places once a day instead. We did find a Wendy's and a McDonalds but their idea of Fast food was an oxymoron. We sat in the drive thru for 40 minutes while they cooked everything and Wendy's took 20 minutes. Islanders don't hurry. They don't multitask, they don't care about customers waiting. They are super nice and easy to talk to but move very slow!

The views were picturesque, like an impressionist painting, houses on a hillside with red roofs. But when you got closer you could see cinder blocks houses with painted sheet metal red roofs and trash and old cars, pretty ghetto places for people to live. During the day, I'd find alley ways with groups of men, old and young just sitting around waiting for work. I had to remember I was on vacation and stop worrying about the people living there.

The kids couldn't have been happier. They did so many crafts and had so much Halloween fun with Grandma. My house was transformed into a bat-flying, pumpkin pie smelling, school work doing, clean haven. They were sad to see her leave. My neighbors and friends keep saying how lucky I am to have a Mom who even wants to do projects with kids let alone babysit and run a household for a week. They are right!
Jon and I came back ready for some good noise and random questions and even a little whininess. It was all cute! Hopefully he can look at his next year's random audits and find another cool place he HAS TO go to.